Who the heck is this guy???

So, it’s been on my heart for a very long time to do a blog. I actually love to journal but when I sit down with pen and paper, I get…… barely nothing. I find that there’s so much going on in my heart that the speed in which I want to share it would cause major cramps in my hand trying to keep up with them. I’ve actually had This Earthen Vessel for years and started writing about 10-12 years ago, but back then my mind wasn’t as clear as it is now to consistently write. This is a craft, and like all other artists, I’m going to need time to develop and enhance this craft, Lord willing. So, if you will, if you have the vision to do so, follow me on this journey as I write about the things of God and the passion He’s given me for truth.

My name is Jim Farrington, and I am a living, breathing example of what Jesus does to a man’s heart when he responds to the love of the Father and leaves everything to follow Him. In 1999 I was experiencing this buildup of depression, despair, and downright hatred for the homosexuality I was living in. It had taken over my whole life and I made everything in my life revolve around this destructive way of life. Repeatedly I was experiencing God wooing me, drawing my heart towards Him, which after three years of trying to get free from homosexuality on my own unsuccessfully, I cried out to Jesus and committed that if it killed me, I was going to follow Him. Three years of trying to get free found me continuously in bondage to homosexuality. One moment of crying out to Jesus to save me, deliver me, willing to die to have Him, found me walking in the freedom and strength I had never known before. Within 24 hours of that moment I knew that I was free. I included a link to my testimony with my first blog. Prayerfully this will be one of many to come. Jesus sets the captives free. I know because I was one. I am an earthen vessel by which the Spirit of the Living God dwells within that points to the greatness of His power at work which is of Him and not of myself. I am NOT a “gay Christian”. I believe it’s an affront to the work of the cross to attach the unclean with the Holy. I am a heterosexual man who once struggled with homosexual sin. Plain and simple. His word tells me this, and I tell you.

Thank you for checking out my blog. When we speak out and stand on Biblical truth it brings much spiritual warfare! The enemy hates what I do! Praise God!

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